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Our Mission

To rescue abused, neglected, injured, hungry and abandoned animals. To fight speciesism and promote sustainable living through human education, community engagement and activism. To inspire

Our Vision

We are a small but mighty animal sanctuary in Mityana district, Uganda, East Africa 🌍 committed to improving ❤️‍🩹 the lives of all animals. We

Donation & Tax Receipts

Question; how do l update my recurring donation? Thank you for supporting Hope dog rescue international we now allow you to update your monthly donation online.

Indoor Games with Pets

Playing with your pets is a great way to reinforce training, strengthen your bond, incorporate exercise into your daily routine…

Why Is My Cat Always Hungry?

Some cats can easily be finicky eaters, while others happily dine, munch, and snack on any available treat. But if your cat’s appetite…